Missouri to Join Fight Against Fatal Car Accidents in Joplin and Elsewhere

While many continue to debate the role of government in the lives of U.S. citizens, most can agree on one thing -- more laws and action to improve roadway safety. A recent survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety releases this data just in time to join the efforts of the United Nations 'Decade of Action on Road Safety' campaign in an effort to reduce the number of fatal car accidents in Joplin and throughout the world.
"Despite shrinking federal and state transportation budgets and a public debate over the most appropriate role of government, it's clear that a majority of Americans want government officials to do more - not less - about highway safety," said AAA President and CEO Bob Darbelnet. "From passing and enforcing laws about teen drivers and distracted driving to programs that improve the safety of our roadways and add safety equipment to vehicles, there are many steps government can take reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths in the U.S."

Our Joplin car accident attorneys would like our local residents to join this global campaign, which aims to reduce and stabilize the number of fatalities from car accidents worldwide by 2020. We can join the rest of the United States, major economies of the G20, the World Bank and the World Health Organization to help contribute to the cause be practicing safe and alert driving practices to decrease the risks of an accident.

"At a time when more and more U.S. highway safety agencies are adopting "Toward Zero Death" goals, it is very heartening to see motorist support for more, not less action by government to make our roads safer," added J. Peter Kissinger, President of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, that commissioned this survey.

Survey results from AAA revealed that:

-More than 60 percent of Americans agree that the United States needs to enact more laws to help curb dangerous and distracted driving habits.

-Roughly 57 percent of Americans agree that their local government needs to step up and do more to make their own roads safer.

-Nearly 90 percent of those surveyed believe that all new drivers should have to complete a driver's education course before getting their license.

-Most Americans think that automakers and government officials need to do more to make cars safer.

-Nearly 75 percent of Americans think that safe driving laws should be enforced more strictly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 1,000 vehicles were involved in fatal car accidents in Missouri in 2008.

"As the global community has initiated action to combat the public health crisis associated with motor vehicle crashes, the U.S. should lead by example and invest even greater resources in laws, education, technology and road design to reduce the daily highway carnage," said Kissinger.

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