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  • 5 Steps to Take After a Boat Accident

    Unfortunately, accidents on the water are often serious, resulting in major injuries and death. Although you never expect to be involved in a boating ...
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  • Do You Have the Right Car Insurance?

    Everyone knows they should have car insurance. But how much car insurance do you really need? It’s a complicated question, but we’re breaking it down ...
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  • Teen Drivers - Safety and Laws

    If you have a teen on the cusp of Driver’s Ed (or even a licensed teen driver), safety is probably your top concern, as it should be. But there’s ...
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  • Memorial Day Safety Tips!

    We want you to have the most memorable Memorial Day imaginable. But we also want you and your family to stay safe. Wherever your adventures may take ...
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  • Class Action Lawsuits: The Basics

    What is a class action lawsuit? It’s a lawsuit that allows a large number of people with a common interest to sue as a group. A “common interest” is ...
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  • Sharing the Road with Self-Driving Cars

    Think You Aren’t Sharing the Road with Self-Driving Cars? Think Again. A few years ago, self-driving cars were essentially science fiction. Today, ...
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  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Finds Clause in Workers' Compensation Act Unconstitutional

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled a key clause of a worker’s compensation reform law unconstitutional. The provision allows employers to opt-out of ...
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  • The Difference Between "Car Accident" Versus "Car Crash"

    Safety analysts are beginning to consider how the public talks about vehicle crashes in order to raise awareness about common distracted driving ...
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