Do I Have a Claim?

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If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could have several questions or concerns running through your head at this time. Who is responsible for my injuries? How will I pay for these medical bills? Is there a way to get financial compensation? Do I even have a claim?

At Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C., our Missouri personal injury attorneys know how to maximize your claim and pursue the full amount of damages that you rightly deserve. With over 235 years of combined legal experience, a proven record of results, and countless satisfied testimonials, we have proven our ability to represent the innocently injured and bereaved.

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Understanding How Negligence Impacts Your Case

You may be entitled to money damages if you are injured or your property was damaged as the result of someone else's fault or negligence. Take, for example, an auto accident. If your car is hit from behind, the other driver probably was following too close or not paying attention. The fact that the other driver did not intend to rear-end your car does not matter. Your claim is not based on another person’s intentional wrongdoing or intentional harm; rather, on the other driver's negligence.

Legally defined, negligence refers a person’s failure to use reasonable care or behave in a way that another reasonable person would act in similar circumstances. For example, if there is spilled liquid on the floor of a grocery store, it is generally expected that a reasonably sensible person would clean the spilled liquid from the floor to eliminate any potential safety hazards. Failing to clean the liquid could result in damage, injury, or fatality to another person. By acting negligently and breaching the duty to act in reasonable care, this person may be held personally liable for any resulting damages.

Missouri Law: What You Need to Know

Missouri is a comparative fault state. This means that even if you are partially at-fault, you may still be able to recover money damages for your physical injuries and financial losses. Even if you are partially to blame for your accident and resulting injury, you can still collect financial compensation that is directly in proportion to the defendant’s degree of fault.

For example, if it is proven that you are 25% at-fault, then you may be able to receive 75% of the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. If you are proven to have no fault at all, then you can receive 100% of your maximum damages!

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