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Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? Our team at Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C. proudly represents the rights of the injured throughout the Joplin and Springfield area. We are passionate about serving this community, and we believe that our appreciation for motorcycle culture helps each Missouri personal injury lawyer on our team to advocate for the victims of motorcycle accidents.

We are client-focused and serve clients throughout Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. With our history of success, do not hesitate to get your free consultation with our firm today.

Facts You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents

According to crash accident studies, most accidents between one or more automobiles and motorcycles are the fault of the drivers involved — not the bikers. With less protection, however, motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of death or injury. Whether a driver is distracted and fails to properly check their blind spots before changing lanes, or makes an unsafe left turn, motorcyclists face an enormous risk from irresponsible or lazy drivers. Even the smallest indiscretion from the operator of a larger vehicle could put a biker in danger. We help those in Columbia, Springfield, Joplin, and throughout Missouri.

Our firm has helped clients suffering motorcycle-related injuries such as:

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When you call our office, you can expect down-to-earth counsel and real-world help. We use plain English, breaking down the legal terminology and ensuring that we answer all of your questions satisfactorily. We understand the personal impact of your injuries and the importance of your personal injury case. At Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C., we stand by our attorneys and take every case seriously.

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  • “Thank you all for everything. Dana Baker was great. She took over, lifting the burden of dealing with the insurance companies so we were able to focus on healing. She kept us informed every step of the way. I would recommend it to everyone. Again thank you”

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  • “I was involved in an accident while on my motorcycle. It was a big relief that I could just focus on healing rather than dealing with insurance companies.”

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