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In Missouri, a Workers’ Compensation trial is called a “Final Hearing,” which is a fitting name because it is unlike typical litigation in many ways. However, like any case that goes before a judge, you need to take your Workers’ Compensation Claim seriously and understand that an opposing party may be present to try to defeat your argument as to why you deserve a settlement or benefits that you are entitled to through Workers’ Compensation after you were injured on the job. Anyone who lives in Springfield or the surrounding Missouri area can call upon the highly experienced lawyers of Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C. to guide and represent them.

Make Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C. your trusted guide through the complexities of Workers' Compensation Claims in Missouri. Our dedicated team has an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the Workers’ Compensation claim process, including when a case escalates to a Hearing for further review, such as after a denial or to request judicial input. Whether you are just starting the filing process, or you need to prepare for a Workers’ Compensation Hearing, we stand by your side every step of the way, providing trusted legal advice and support.

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Why Request a Workers’ Compensation Hearing?

In Missouri, a Workers' Compensation Hearing may be requested when there is a dispute between the employee and the employer or insurance company regarding the Workers' Compensation Claim and benefits. Disputes can arise over various aspects of the claim, such as the extent of the injury, the amount of benefits, the duration of the benefits, or the denial of the claim. The Hearing offers an opportunity for the injured worker to present their case before an Administrative Law Judge, who will make a decision based on the evidence provided.

Who Attends a Workers’ Compensation Hearing?

At a Worker’s Compensation Hearing, you can expect to see these key parties:

  1. You, the claimant who has filed the Workers' Compensation Claim, is present to advocate for their rights and benefits.
  2. Your legal counsel, a lawyer who provides legal advice and representation.
  3. Opposing counsel, a lawyer who represents the employer or insurance company that's contesting the claim (the opposing counsel’s client might not appear in person).
  4. Administrative Law Judge, who listens to both sides, reviews the evidence, and ultimately makes a decision regarding the claim.

What to Expect at a Workers’ Compensation Hearing in Missouri

The many moving parts of a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Missouri can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially if you haven’t retained the services of our Workers’ Compensation lawyers. Let us guide you through every step, so you can feel well-prepared and confident instead.

You can expect the following during Workers’ Compensation Hearings in Missouri:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the Hearing is to resolve disputes between you (the claimant), your employer and/or the Workers’ Compensation insurance company regarding your Workers' Compensation Claim and benefits.
  • Location: Hearings are typically held at the Division of Workers' Compensation offices located throughout Missouri. In Springfield, this office is located at the corner of Sunshine Street and Glenstone Avenue.
  • Preparation: Prior to the Hearing, your attorney will help you prepare both your case and you for what typically happens in the Hearing.
  • Evidence: You will need to present evidence to support your claim, such as medical reports, testimonies from healthcare providers, and proof of lost wages.
  • Representation: Your lawyer will represent you during the Hearing, presenting your case, cross-examining opposing witnesses, and making closing arguments on your behalf.
  • Conduct: It is important to behave professionally during the Hearing, showing respect for the judge and all parties involved. When building your case, our team will also coach you on the conduct you will need to follow.
  • Possible Outcomes: Depending on the evidence presented, the judge may rule in your favor, deny your claim, or request additional information before making a decision.
  • Appeals: If you're unsatisfied with the outcome of the Hearing, you have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court.
  • Duration: The entire process, from initially requesting a Hearing to receiving a decision, can take several months or more, depending on the complexity of your case and the backlog of the court. We focus on keeping your case moving and streamlined, so you can avoid unnecessary delays.

Steps in a Workers’ Compensation Claim and Hearing

No matter how much you prepare for a Workers’ Compensation Hearing, the steps during the actual process of the Hearing can still be a little surprising. We think it is worth knowing more now about what could likely unfold during your Workers’ Compensation Hearing, whether it has already been scheduled or if you are just now starting the process with us to request a Hearing.

The basic steps involved in a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Claim and Hearing are:

  • Filing a Claim: To start, you will file a Claim for Compensation for benefits you may be entitled to with the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation and by notifying your employer of your work-related injury immediately if possible.
  • Mediation: If there's a dispute over the Claim or if judicial input is needed, the parties may attempt to resolve it through mediation before proceeding to a Final Hearing, which is something our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can handle, too.
  • Requesting a Hearing: If the dispute can't be resolved through Mediation, or by agreement of the parties, we can request a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.
  • Preparation: Both sides prepare for the Hearing by gathering evidence, such as medical records and witness testimonies, to support their case.
  • Hearing: At the Hearing, both sides present their case. The proceeding is conducted like a non-jury civil trial in a Missouri Courtroom, so you can expect steps and processes like the presentation of evidence, cross-examination of witnesses, etc.
  • Briefs: The judge may allow both sides to file briefs or written statements after the case that summarize their positions and arguments. Briefs allow the judge to easily review everything while they reach their decision. 
  • Judge's decision: Missouri Administrative Law Judges are instructed to reach their decisions for hearings “as soon as possible” after reviewing all evidence and briefs. In some cases, the judge may reach a decision immediately, but in others, the decision could take a few days or weeks to reach (usually no longer than 90 days). When the decision is made, it will be sent to both parties in writing.
  • Appeal: If either party disagrees with the judge's decision, they have the right to appeal. The appeal process involves a review by the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission and potentially further appeals to higher courts.

Get Answers to Your Questions – Call Now

While you have the right to attend a Workers’ Compensation Hearing or Conference without representation, even the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation advises against it. Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side helps you prepare a strong case, present compelling evidence, and advocate effectively for your rights as an injured worker in Springfield. Let our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys know what happened, and we can tell you how we can help.

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