Injured by a Defective Product?

Your Consumer Rights in Product Liability Cases

Defective and dangerous products injure and kill thousands of Americans every year. Taking legal action not only protects a victim's personal rights and financial security, it also protects other consumers and promotes accountability for the companies responsible for designing and manufacturing consumer goods in the United States. Product liability laws are an important aspect of the free market because they serve to shield consumers and provide them with important options and rights.

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If you were injured, you may have questions:

  • What are my rights?
  • How can an attorney be of assistance to me?
  • Was this injury my fault or are the product makers or designers liable in some way?
  • How long to I have to take action before the statute of limitations comes into play?
  • Do product liability laws impact my case? How?
  • Can I handle this case alone without a lawyer?
  • Who is responsible for a defective product: the designer, manufacturer, or retailer?
  • I believe that the product that caused my injury did not contain sufficient warning labels nor did it properly explain potential risks. Do I have a product liability case?
  • To which kinds of compensation could I be entitled?

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