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Suing for Defective Hernia Mesh Complications

Thousands of people across the country have been hurt due to defective hernia mesh devices. Many of them are now exploring their legal options to seek compensation and justice. You should, too, if you had a hernia mesh device implanted as part of a corrective surgery but then that device failed, causing even more health problems.

Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C. is currently hearing from clients across Missouri who have been hurt due to a defective hernia mesh. We can help people who need to file an individual lawsuit and those who might be able to join a larger mass tort. In either situation, we will be focused on getting you the most amount of compensation possible.

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Hernia Mesh Complications & Injuries

A hernia mesh is a medical device used to correct a hernia – when an organ is misplaced and bulges out between muscle strands – and keep the affected organ in place. The hernia mesh is designed to allow the hernia to heal safely before the body naturally absorbs, processes, or assimilates the device, so no secondary surgery is needed to remove it.

When a hernia mesh device is defectively made, though, it can cause more complications than it cures. The biggest risk of a defective hernia mesh is that the device can become misplaced or detached, often shortly after surgery.

A defective, detached, or misplaced hernia mesh can cause the following complications and more:

  • Adhesion: If the mesh implant adheres to unintended tissues and organs, it can cause damage to those affected body parts.
  • Bowel obstruction: A hernia mesh device that sticks to or damages the intestines can cause bowel obstruction, which can cause life-threatening complications if untreated.
  • Chronic pain: Patients who suffer from a defective hernia mesh often describe being in constant pain that is barely affected by strong painkillers.
  • Hernia recurrence: One of the most common complications of a hernia mesh failure is a hernia recurrence, which means the original hernia returns.
  • Migration: Hernia mesh devices have been known to become misplaced and migrate to completely different parts of the abdomen, causing harm wherever it goes.
  • Organ perforation: While migrating, a misplaced hernia mesh device can tear or perforate other sensitive organs.
  • Revision surgery: When a hernia mesh device fails, it is almost guaranteed that the patient will need revision surgery, which will come with its own risks of complications.

Legal Action Against Hernia Mesh Manufacturers

The majority of hernia mesh lawsuits and mass torts are aimed at holding the device manufacturers accountable, rather than blaming a surgeon or surgical team for implanting the device incorrectly. This liability focus is due to there being more evidence that the devices were made defectively, not that medical providers are implanting them erroneously.

In a hernia mesh lawsuit, the following accusations are often made:

  • Design defects: Some hernia mesh devices appear to have been defective by design, meaning that they were never made safe for their intended use.
  • Manufacturing defects: Other hernia mesh devices have been accused of being defective due to manufacturing flaws, such as swapping out certain materials for cheaper and unsafe alternatives.
  • Failure to warn: Medical device manufacturers owe it to medical professionals and the general public to warn them of potential issues with their products. Failing to do so can be considered negligence that makes the manufacturer liable.

Damages Available to Hernia Mesh Claimants

The goal of our Missouri hernia mesh device attorneys is to get you the most compensation possible. We can closely research your case for damages and calculate the full amount owed to you. We focus on catastrophic injury cases, so most cases we handle have total damage values in the six or seven-figure range.

The damages owed to you can include:

  • Economic: Damages related to medical costs, lost wages, and other tangible losses are called economic.
  • Non-economic: Damages related to pain, suffering, and emotional trauma are called non-economic.
  • Punitive: Damages approved by a court to penalize the defendant more for egregious wrongdoing are called punitive.

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If you had a hernia mesh device implanted but it failed shortly afterward, and you suffered serious complications like revision surgery, then you probably have a legitimate case on your hands. Let our Missouri hernia mesh lawsuit attorneys hear from you today, so we can further determine if you should be taking legal action.

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