Travis Kelce's 87 & Running: Championing Change On and Off the Field

More Than a Game – Athletes Making a Difference

In the exciting realm of professional sports, athletes like Travis Kelce not only impress with their on-field achievements but also inspire through their off-field commitments. Kelce’s charitable foundation, 87 & Running, is a beacon of hope, championing the empowerment of underserved youth and creating a positive ripple effect in the community.

The Birth and Mission of 87 & Running

The Genesis of 87 and Running: Founded in 2015, the 87 & Running foundation mirrors Travis Kelce's jersey number and symbolizes his relentless pursuit of positive change beyond the gridiron. The foundation’s cornerstone mission is to empower youth in underprivileged communities, equipping them with essential resources and opportunities to forge a prosperous future.

Pivotal Initiatives Making Impactful Plays

Education and Operation Breakthrough:

87 & Running has developed a robust partnership with Operation Breakthrough. This collaboration in Kansas City focuses on nurturing children in poverty through educational programs, healthcare support, and enriching extracurricular activities. These initiatives not only educate but also provide a stable and supportive environment for children.

Building Foundations with Community Centers:

Recognizing the crucial role of safe and inspiring spaces, the foundation is investing in community centers. These hubs offer educational support, mentorship, and recreational activities, all integral to the holistic development of young minds and bodies.

Scoring Goals with Scholarships:

Understanding education's power, 87 & Running offers scholarships to aid students in their higher education pursuits. These scholarships play a critical role in lifting the financial barriers for deserving students, enabling them to chase their dreams without financial constraints.

Fundraising with Kelce’s Catch for Kids:

Fund raising events throughout the year include car shows and fashion shows. In addition, funds are raised with every catch made by Travis Kelce. The funds raised are pivotal in supporting various education and wellness programs, ensuring access to quality resources for children.

How You Can Join the Team

Making a Direct Impact Through Donations:

Every contribution, big or small, aids the foundation in its mission. Your donations fuel the initiatives that are changing lives every day.

Participation in Events:

Events like car shows and Kelce’s Catch for Kids offer a unique opportunity to support the cause actively while experiencing an unforgettable event.

Spreading the Word:

Use your voice on social media and in your community to increase awareness about the foundation's work. The more people know, the greater the impact we can collectively make.

Volunteering Your Time and Skills:

Inquire about volunteer opportunities with 87 & Running. Your time and skills can be invaluable assets in furthering their cause.

Impact, Recognition, and a Legacy of Hope

87 & Running has gained admiration for its hands-on approach and substantial impact, earning recognition at both local and national levels. Kelce’s commitment has been celebrated with numerous awards, including the prestigious Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award with cash award going toward his charity. This recognition is a testament to the foundation’s enduring impact and Kelce's genuine dedication to giving back.

The Lasting Impact of 87 & Running

Aaron Sachs & Associates, PC is proud to partner with Travis Kelce’s 87 & Running. Through strategic partnerships, heartfelt community investments, and a steadfast commitment to change, Kelce and his foundation are tackling critical challenges faced by underserved youth. As it continues to grow, 87 & Running stands as a shining example of hope, empowerment, and the positive change sports figures can bring to the world.

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