Tractor Trailer, Car, and House Accident? How to Proceed from the Aftermath of Tractor Trailer Accidents in Kansas City Missouri.

It almost sounds like the opening of a bad joke:1228351_old_truck.jpg "So, a tractor trailer, a car and a house . . ." But this is not the premise of a bad joke, and there's certainly no funny punchline. In fact, this phrase is the description of a recent tractor trailer caused accident. The aftermath of such an accident can be very devastating and very costly. From Maine to California, tractor trailer accidents are in the news every day, and unfortunately, they also happen quite regularly around Kansas City and throughout Missouri.

This particular accident occurred in Georgetown, Delaware, but it could've easily happened along any major road or highway that passes through Kansas City (or any other Missouri town). In late October of this year, a Georgetown man was driving down the road when a tractor trailer swerved into his lane. He lost control of his car, then veered off the highway and into a ditch. This evasive maneuver caused his car to roll several times and eventually come to a stop when it collided with a house. The driver of the car and a woman inside the house were injured and taken to area hospitals. The Delaware state police continue to look for information about the tractor trailer.

What if this happened to you?
So often, a tractor trailer, or even a car, will pull out in front of another vehicle, swerve into another's lane, or change speeds abruptly to exit or turn. These actions easily can cause a tractor trailer or car accident. And whether the culprit driver is unaware of the accident they caused, or they don't want to get in trouble, some of them just keep driving.

Pay close attention to the road and the vehicles around you at all times. As you are driving, be prepared and plan an escape route just in case one becomes necessary. Report aggressive drivers. Many commercial vehicles have a phone number posted on the vehicle, and you can always call the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

If find yourself suddenly swerving to avoid an accident, do not panic. Try to avoid any sharp turns of the steering wheel while you sharply brake: turning too sharply while suddenly decelerating can cause you to skid or roll over.

When the at-fault driver doesn't stop, it's especially important to try and remember as much about the tractor trailer (or car) as you can: make a mental note of the color, the size and shape of the trailer, the company names or logos on the trailer or on the cab, or any other information.

Once the Danger is Past
Once you are safely stopped, if you are unhurt, move from traffic, call authorities, and look for witnesses. Write everything down as soon as possible so you don't forget or get the information confused when talking to any witnesses. Get as much information about each witness as you can also. Go to the hospital, if necessary, and get copies of all paperwork and release information. Make sure you get the case number and witness information from the law enforcement officers handling the accident investigation.

Contact your insurance company and a lawyer as soon after the accident as you can. Both parties will likely investigate the accident: this investigation can help, in some cases, to locate the driver who caused the accident. For a consultation about a tractor trailer accident in or around Kansas City or southern Missouri, contact the Kansas City Missouri truck accident lawyers.

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