Collisions Between Motorycles and Big Trucks Create Deadly Consequences in Missouri and Nationwide

Motorbike - Light Truck Crash (2).JPGOn Wednesday, in Guilford Township, Pennsylvania, a box truck collided with a motorcycle, killing a father of 3. Witnesses reported seeing the truck crossing over the highway and moving diagonally into the motorcycle's path. The motorcyclist, 37 year-old Keith Monninger, had no way to avoid a collision: he crashed into the truck and died as a result of his injuries. Monninger's brother-in-law and business partner, Rod Thomas, characterized Monninger as "a very safety minded motorcycle rider" who never went without a helmet.

The box truck left the scene, and police followed up on numerous tips in an effort to locate the driver. Earlier today, a tip led them to the box truck involved in the accident, and they subsequently issued a warrant has been issued for the arrest of 29 year-old Leon Chalmers Deardorff Jr., the alleged driver. Police believe they know Deardorff's general location and are urging him to turn himself in.

Accidents of this nature are totally preventable. Our Missouri truck accident lawyers support the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) in its efforts to promote motorcycle safety, and to prevent tragedies like the one in Pennsylvania. The MSF is a non-profit organization internationally recognized for its motorcycle safety training and motorcycle rider curriculum materials. Their goal is to encourage a lifelong learning approach for motorcyclists. They also develop trainers and rider coaches in their continued initiatives, all aimed at improving overall motorcycle safety.

photo_6317_20080613.jpgWhen it comes to motorcycle accidents, there can be no collision worse than one with a big rig. We urge all Missouri motorcyclists to check out the MSF website for education pamphlets, course locations, and safety information in general. Read the following information as it applies to motorcycle and large truck or semi-truck accident avoidance on Missouri roadways.

Safe Riding Practices to Help Prevent Motorcycle/Large Truck Collisions

• Take a quality, hands-on rider safety training course.
• Follow all traffic laws: they are designed to protect you.
• Know your motorcycle and continuously work on your riding skills.
• Maintain constant awareness of your surroundings. Be on the lookout for potential hazards.
• Do not ride behind a truck. Avoid the blind spots on large trucks, tractor-trailers, or tandem trailers, which are much larger than any other vehicles.
• If a large truck is tailgating you, change lanes. The difference between stopping distances is significant, and poses a huge risk to you as a rider.
• When driving alongside or near a big truck, always be prepared to make evasive maneuvers when needed.
• Don't assume a truck driver (or any other driver) sees you.
• Be prepared for wide turns in front of you.
• Wear bright clothing and utilize reflective materials.
• Always signal your intentions (use hand signals too, when possible).
• Use your horn to get a truck driver's attention.
• Take up an entire lane.
• Make yourself seen.
• Keep the distance between you and the truck greater at higher speeds, after dark, and in inclement weather.

If you anticipate problems when you ride near a large truck, you can give yourself the few extra seconds you may need to avoid a motorcycle accident. By practicing awareness and reading about motorcycle safety, you can make your motorcycle rides safer and far more enjoyable.

The MSF takes the position that motorcycling is a constant learning experience: it is better to take the time and improve your motorcycle skills, knowledge, and awareness than to end up in a tragic motorcycle/truck accident.

If a Motorcycle/Truck Accident Occurs in Missouri...

Obviously, the best course of action is to avoid a motorcycle accident entirely, especially one with a large truck or semi-tractor trailer. But unfortunately it's not always possible. If you or a loved one has had the misfortune of being involved in such an accident, it is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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