Springtime brings an increase in Missouri motorcycle accidents

speed-of-motorcycle-1016169-m.jpgSpring is here, and many Cape Girardeau motorcyclists are now back on the road, taking advantage of the warm temperatures. Sadly, at this time of year, Missouri law enforcement officials and emergency rooms consistently report an increase in motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities. Within a two-week period in late March, five people were killed in motorcycle accidents in the St. Louis area.

Sadly, all too many springtime accidents involving motorcycles are completely preventable.This spring, our auto accident lawyers want to remind drivers in southeast Missouri to always look twice for motorcycles: after all, many car/motorcycle collisions occur because drivers simply don't realize motorcycles are traveling near them until it's too late. What's more, motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to serious, life-threatening injuries when they're involved in accidents with larger vehicles. In this post, we share a few tips to help drivers avoid these dangerous accidents.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents: Tips for Cape Girardeau drivers

  1. Think of any motorcycle in motion as a PERSON, not a vehicle. They have much less protection than you do in your vehicle in the event of a traffic accident: there's virtually nothing to shield riders from the force of impact with another vehicle, or with the pavement.
  2. Remember, motorcyclists can be harder to spot than other kinds of vehicles. Make it a habit to look left - right - left, especially when pulling out of a driveway or making a turn.
  3. Keep an alert eye out for motorcycles when changing lanes or passing trucks: a motorcycle can be masked by a larger vehicle or disappear into a blind spot.
  4. Often, motorcyclists don't use their brakes to slow down - and therefore, there will be no telltale brake light to warn you. Keep a safe distance behind motorcycles.
  5. Motorcyclists frequently adjust position within a lane to be seen more easily and to steer clear of road debris or passing cars. In other words, they are not moving over to allow you to share their lane. Just like any other vehicle, motorcycles are entitled to an entire lane.

This season, please stay alert and drive safe! Motorcycle accidents can be prevented and lives can be saved, provided we each act responsibly and drive with a bit more care.

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