How Long Does a Springfield, Missouri Personal Injury Case Take Before a Settlement is Reached?

If you've been injured in an accident and are thinking of hiring a Missouri personal injury attorney to pursue your claim, you may be imagining a quick process and a speedy settlement check deposited in your bank account. While it's true that your case could be resolved fairly quickly, it could also require a more extended process, depending on certain factors. Our attorneys will need to take the time necessary to ensure your interests are fairly represented, and this amount of time is different for every client.

Why do some cases take so much time?

Investigating the injury
A personal injury claim requires investigation, which can be time consuming, depending on the circumstances. An important note: once you have retained a personal injury lawyer, it is recommended that you discuss your case only with that lawyer. Disclosing information to other parties (particularly if they might be witnesses, or working for the party you are trying to win money from) can be extremely detrimental to your case.

Proving negligence
Establishing fault is one of the most important factors in winning your case. Once again, this can require extensive time and resources, depending on the nature of the claim: an auto accident, a semi-truck accident, and a defective product accident all present unique situations. Tracing liability to the proper party is a vital aspect of your personal injury case, and requires diligently collected evidence.

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