Southeast Missouri Car Accident Lawyers Share the Latest Statistics for Missouri Traffic Fatalities

Southeast Missouri car accident lawyers thank Lt. John Davis, Patrol Division Commander and Special Response Team Commander of the Cape Girardeau Police Department for supplying us with the most current information on traffic fatalities for southeast Missouri and for the State.

1164850_law_badge.jpgSo far this year southeast Missouri has had the same number of traffic deaths as last year as of August 21, 2011. The winter months and particularly October through December traditionally see higher amounts of traffic accidents so the total fatalities will most likely go up. Here are the numbers so far this year.

Southeast Area Fatality Totals as of August 21, 2011:
2011 Year to date fatalities - 76
2010 Totals up to 08/21/10 - 76
No change for the year

Statewide Fatality Totals as of August 21, 2011:
2011 Year to date fatalities - 437
2010 Totals up to 08/21/10 - 485
9% decrease for the year

Missouri Statewide Traffic Fatality Trends
2010 Year End Total = 821
2009 Year End Total = 878
2008 Year End Total = 960
2007 Year End Total = 992
2006 Year End Total = 1,096
2005 Year End Total = 1,257

What this means for Southeast Missouri Drivers
The good news is that the number of fatalities has dropped significantly over the last 5 years. The bad news is 76 people still died on our southeast Missouri roadways. We want to reduce those numbers even more. With your help we can all make Missouri roadways even safer.

Safe Driving Tips for Southeast and all of Missouri

  • Wear your seat-belt.

  • Hang up your phone.

  • Never text and drive.

  • Obey all traffic laws.

  • Give yourself a safe following distance, over 35% of auto accidents are rear end accidents.

  • Never drink and drive.

  • Avoid all conditions that will distract you or decrease your awareness or ability to react, such as lack of sleep or medications or too many talking passengers.

  • Plan your trips so you are not running late and have plenty of time to drive safely.


Traffic accidents can be very tragic, particularly when they result in the loss of one of our loved ones. But more often traffic accidents result in injuries, some debilitating and some permanent. The tragedy is that almost all traffic accidents can be avoided. The leading cause of traffic accidents is driver error. Take the time to make sure you are driving safely. Remember that a traffic accident can be fatal and drive accordingly.

Southeast Missouri Car Accident Lawyers
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