Missouri's Mine Rescue Contest Tests Miner's Skills in Saving Lives after a Work Comp Accident

Mining is one of the Missouri industries with a high rate of work-related accidents and injuries. Because we assist injured miners with workers' compensation claims, Joplin Missouri workers comp lawyers have been watching the results of the 29th Annual Missouri Mine Rescue Contest with great interest. In this competition, miners from around the country attempt to prove their expertise and readiness in case of an actual mine accident. These vital skills can and do save the lives of U.S. miners every year.

Many Missourians are unaware of just how much mining still takes place in our state. There are currently 400 active mines. In fact, Joplin is known for both lead and zinc mining. "Mining is an $8 billion industry and employs 30,000 men and women in Missouri. Protecting this industry is important to the well-being of our state--however, the most precious commodity is the miner," said Larry Rebman, director of the contest.

Although a necessary industry, mining is one of the most dangerous as well. Aside from dramatic cave-ins, such as the Chilean mining disaster which riveted us to our televisions last year, many other injuries happen during the day to day mining operations as well. If a miner is injured, he or she is covered by Missouri's workers' compensation laws.

The three-day contest took place partly underground, including a simulated mine rescue of a live accident victim.

Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C. sends congratulations to the 2nd Place Overall Contest winner from Missouri S & T, Rolla, and the five other Missouri teams who entered this important competition.

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