Springfield Missouri Fire Truck Accident A Great Reminder about Remaining Alert Behind the Wheel

Truck accidents are caused by all sorts of events. But how about "Sneezing Fit in Springfield Missouri Rolls Fire Truck"?422866_accident.jpgIt seems like the kind of headline designed to grab your attention to simply make a sale or to get you to read a sales pitch. But this Springfield, Missouri truck accident really did occur. And the Missouri truck accident lawyers say it is a great reminder about just how easily truck accidents can happen.

The firefighters were on their way to training. A seasoned veteran, the Springfield firefighter driving the fire truck suddenly had a sneezing fit. He sneezed 5 or 6 times and during his sneezing fit the fire truck drifted and then veered into the median as they were traveling in the northbound lanes of Highway 65 near Battlefield Road. The fire truck rolled onto its left side pinning the driver and blocking traffic lanes for about one and one half hours. The driver was pinned by the steering wheel and had to be cut from the truck. All three firefighters were transported to the hospital. The other two firefighters were treated for minor injuries and released.

Truck Accidents Can Happen In Seconds in Springfield or Anywhere in Missouri
A seemingly innocuous event can and does cause truck accidents. If you have ever sneezed while you were driving or caught your vehicle drifting while you looked away from the road for a minute then you know. Fortunately most of the time there is no harm done. But sometimes a situation, such as a sneezing fit, can happen at a point in time where the conditions lead to a truck accident.

Clearly we cannot control or prepare for a sneezing fit. But there are many other types of distraction a driver can prepare for and therefore take steps to avoid a truck accident.

Alert Drivers Reduce the Chances of Truck Accidents in Missouri
The following list shows some of the ways you can remain alert behind the wheel.

The biggest key to remaining alert behind the wheel is to pay attention to the road and traffic conditions while paying attention to your focus. Are you registering everything around you? Or did you miss the last mile? Learn what it feels like for you when you are distracted and learn the best methods to help you to stay focused on your driving. For more ideas visit U.S. DOT's

Truck Accidents in Springfield and Throughout Missouri
Truck accidents happen all of the time. Many times they can be avoided by taking simple steps to remain alert and by being prepared with ways to combat distractions. No one wants to get into a truck accident. For yourself, take the extra effort to avoid one involving you.

For information or advice if you are involved in a truck accident, contact the Missouri truck accident lawyers. Call 1-888-777-Auto (2886).

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