Consumer Advisory Urges Motorists to Check Tires to Help Prevent Car Accident in Springfield, Stockton, Bolivar Missouri and Elsewhere

A recently released consumer advisory, from the U.S. Department of Transportation, urges that all motorists take a look at their tires for signs of tread wear or damage and to make sure they're properly inflated. Just by simply checking the condition of your tires and making sure they are up to par, you can greatly reduce your risk of a serious car accident in Fair Grove or elsewhere in Missouri.
This consumer advisory comes as heat of the summer months begins to take a serious toll on our tires. Driving with poorly maintained tires in the summer heat can have serious consequences. In an additional effort to raise awareness about this safety precaution, the DOT is launching its National Tire Safety Week to kick-off of the summer travel season.

Our Purdy car accident attorneys understand that the condition of your vehicle can make all the difference in your safety on our roadways. All residents are urged to conduct routine checkups on their vehicle to make sure that everything is in proper working order. It is especially important during this time of year to check the condition of your tires before setting out on the scorching-hot pavement.

"As the weather warms up, it's especially important for drivers to ensure their tires are properly inflated," Secretary Ray LaHood said. "For your safety and the safety of others on the road, inspect your tires regularly and maintain the proper inflation."

The Department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that through the years of 2005 and 2009, nearly 3,400 people died in tire-related car accidents. Another 116,000 were injured in these types of crashes during the same year.

"While it's true improperly maintained tires can contribute to a crash at any time of year, it is particularly critical for motorists to check tires during hot weather, when families and luggage often overload vehicles for long vacation trips," NHTSA Administrator David Strickland warned. "Underinflated tires spinning on hot asphalt for extended periods of time can be a recipe for disaster."

The Department and safety advocates around the country urge that all motorists check their tire pressure periodically, but especially before long trips. They also suggest that motorists keep an eye on aging tires. Old tires and the summer heat can turn out deadly results because older, more warn tires are more susceptible to heat stress. These risks only increase if the tires are not properly inflated. Be sure to regularly check the tire sidewall to check the tires wear. It is also a good idea to check with the vehicle's manual or the manufacturer for recommendations on how often to change tires.

Properly maintaining your tires will not only help to keep you safe on our roadways, but it will help to keep some extra cash in your wallet. The Department of Energy reports that under-inflated tires can lower your vehicle's gas mileage by nearly 0.5 percent for every 1 PSI (pound per square inch) drop in pressure of all four tires. Properly inflated tires can save you nearly 3 miles per gallon.

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