Happy Independence Day 2011-- Please Drive Safely this Holiday Weekend

Missouri Personal Injury Lawyers hope that you will enjoy your Independence Day holiday weekend--and keep your independence. What do we mean by that? Over the years we have seen far too many injuries caused by Fourth of July festivities. We have seen the unfortunate results of firecracker injuries, boating accidents and drownings, and the usual holiday auto accidents and motorcycle accidents. Winding up in the emergency room or on crutches for the next few months, or even worse becoming permanently disfigured or disabled is what we call losing your independence.

827871_fireworks_time-lapse.jpgNot to mention the hazards of causing an auto accident or boat accident while intoxicated, and possible winding up with jail time. That is also what we call losing your independence--big time--and it's so unnecessary.

We like to attend parties and get together with family and friends, and enjoy Missouri's parks, lakes and rivers as much as anyone else--but we do so with a dose of common sense, and a healthy regard for our friends' and family's safety.

We don't want to take the wind out of anyone's sails (no pun intended) but consider these sobering statistics:

The Fourth of July has consistently had the highest number of alcohol related auto accident fatalities for the entire year...every year. In 2010, 13 people were killed and 472 injured in Missouri alone over the holiday. The Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested 169 people for driving while intoxicated during last year's holiday weekend.

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