Springfield Missouri Accident Attorneys Offer Motorcycle Safety Reminders For Fourth of July Weekend Rides

1173983_get_your_motor_runnin.jpgFourth of July in Springfield Missouri, is there a better way to spend an extended summer weekend than on your motorcycle? Probably not. But then everybody is out on the road this weekend. And that makes your enjoyment just a little more dangerous. Not only are the roads around Springfield more crowded than usual, the Fourth of July weekend creates distracted drivers and this means car accidents. Everybody is distracted by their celebration plans, the upcoming fireworks, and just plain getting the weekend started.1326573_fireworks.jpg

Springfield Missouri Accident Attorneys understand the joys of the open road. And while this weekend is full of promise, it also means the chances for a motorcycle accident are greater. This weekend will probably prove to be a hot one. To keep you as cool under the collar as possible, here are some tips for both motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers alike.

Safety Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents:

  • Stay Alert. Remember motorcycles are harder to see and can easily be lost in the "blind spots" of a vehicles mirrors. They can also be blocked by the posts around the windows and other obstructions to the driver's line of site.

  • Plan ahead. Drive defensively by always looking down the road and around your immediate area. Plan your escape route or defensive driving maneuvers while you are driving. Do not wait until you need them. You won't have time. Look for ways out and expect to use them all the time.

  • Remember the differences between vehicles and motorcycles. Motorcycles are small and easily maneuverable. They can stop quickly and turn easily. The larger the vehicle, the longer it takes to stop and the slower its reaction time.

  • Do not assume someone sees you or knows you are there. Always make eye contact. At intersections or driving alongside someone, make sure that person sees you.

  • Always follow all traffic laws and safety rules. While following the rules and precautions does not assure the avoidance of an accident, it can reduce the risk of a motorcycle accident and even the severity of one if it does occur.

  • There is always enough time to be safe. Take a few extra minutes to protect yourself and to be aware of the vehicles around you.


Whether you are new to riding or an avid rider, Springfield Missouri Accident Attorneys encourage you to review requirements for motorcycle operation. You can download the most current Motorcycle Operator Manual from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

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