Cape Girardeau Accident Attorneys Wish Southeast Missouri A Safe Fourth of July.

1245204_backyard_grilling.jpgCape Girardeau and Popular Bluff residents love Fourth of July celebrations. And the accident attorneys of Southeast Missouri wish you a very happy Fourth. One of our country's most favorite holidays, the Fourth of July is the picture of summer.

Fireworks displays, picnics in the park, soft-ball, water fun and BBQ's with watermelon, all mean summer is here and it is time to enjoy it with our friends and family. As summer is just getting underway, everybody wants to enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately enjoying the festivities often means people who drink and then drive. Drunk driving accidents are one of the major causes of death and injury around the Fourth of July.

Enjoy the Fourth of July, but alcohol does require responsible use. With this in mind, we offer the following tips to help keep your Fourth of July as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Simple and Easy Precautions For A Safe Fourth of July:

  • Plan ahead. Be aware of the dangers, know how to avoid injuries, and then plan what you will do if something happens. Keep important emergency phone numbers handy. Set some ground rules at the start of your festivities and make sure everybody understands and follows them.

  • Make sure everyone knows fun does not have to be dangerous; you just want everyone to take reasonable precautions.

  • Make a game out of monitoring car keys so only designated drivers are able to have car keys.

  • Provide food, permissible fireworks, and other fun but make 2 or more people the designated Safety Team. They can keep a watchful eye on the alcohol consumption, fireworks, cooking, water play, and other activities which could be dangerous.

  • Make sure everyone knows that for each person's safety, the Safety Team can call foul and everybody should stop and listen.

Too many people are killed every year on our roads and highways by the lack of judgment and loss of responsible thinking brought about by drinking too much alcohol and then choosing to get behind the wheel. Avoid too much of this kind of celebration. Death, severe injury and major property damage are all very real threats from drivers who drive drunk.

All of us at the Cape Girardeau law offices of Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C. wish you the best and most fun Fourth of July celebration this year and every year. But we also want you to have a safe and happy Fourth.

DUI and drunken driver accidents don't have to be a fact of life. And many DUI drivers are habitual. This means you should seek legal advice if you or a loved one is involved in a drunk driver accident. Especially if death results from such an accident, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim or receive more compensation than in other types of accidents.

Cape Girardeau and Popular Bluff Accident Attorneys, know too well that any accident can be devastating, but the loss suffered from one that could have been prevented by being responsible and by taking some basic precautions are the hardest to come to terms with.

Please enjoy Fourth of July celebrations responsibly. And have a safe and happy holiday.

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