Unsafe driving practices contribute to Missouri semi-truck accidents

semi-truck-2-232052-m.jpgHave you ever had the life scared out of you by a large commercial truck or semi-tractor trailer while you were trying to merge onto the highway? Have you been so sure a big rig was going to rear end you that you braced for impact? Or worse, have you or a loved one been the victim of a commercial truck accident? Our Missouri truck accident lawyers know all too well the how damaging tractor-trailer and commercial truck accidents can be. What's more, many of these accidents are 100% preventable: in fact, many are caused by irresponsible truck driving practices.

Key factors contributing to unsafe truck driving practices in Missouri:

  • Some trucking companies fail to utilize the pre-employment screening program provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Some employees do not receive adequate training.
  • Logs and other programs for safe driving quality assurance are sometimes not properly monitored.
  • Some truck drivers avoid medical examinations, or provide false medical documents, meaning unsafe drivers are still being hired.
  • Some drivers who should be suspended are able to obtain special permits or probationary licenses for drivers.

Unfortunately, many truck drivers are between a rock and a hard place at present. As trucking companies work to make a profit, truckers feel more pressure to drive longer hours at faster speeds, and to bend or even break federal regulatory rules and state laws. If they don't, they may find themselves jobless. This pressure creates the potential for reckless driving behaviors, which can lead to devastating accidents involving Missouri motorists who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What can Missouri truck accident lawyers do to hold the trucking industry accountable for these unsafe practices?

Aggressive and unlawful truck drivers make it even harder for the responsible truck drivers who follow the laws and drive safely. After a truck accident has occurred and negligence or wrongdoing has been discovered, a personal injury case or wrongful death suit can be an effective way to get a trucking company or unsafe driver to address dangerous practices - and to ensure accident victims are fairly compensated.

By presenting the evidence and serving as an advocate for truck accident victims, experienced personal injury lawyers can work to hold the trucking industry and unsafe truck drivers accountable for their safety standards.

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