Distracted Drivers and Motorcyclists Don't Mix in Springfield Missouri

Before winter sets in, the call of the open road is stronger than ever in the Fall. The sun on your back, the fresh air on your face, the wind bustling around you as you drive your motorcycle down the road, these are the very reasons many people choose to travel by motorcycle.1016169_speed_of_motorcycle.jpg Nothing can beat traveling along a road and feeling so close to it and your surroundings. However, as with everything, there are perils. And the Springfield, Missouri motorcycle accident lawyers want to remind you and also point out the dangers of sharing the road with distracted drivers. Motorcycle accidents are primarily caused by another driver's failure to see or allow for the motorcyclist. Many of these types of accidents are caused by a distracted driver.

Distracted Drivers and Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents lead to greater injuries and loss of life than car crashes. The very thing that makes a motorcycle appealing also makes it more dangerous for the rider in an accident. The lack of a protective roof and doors also makes the motorcycle more difficult to see and to detect in traffic. Add to this a distracted driver and the chances of a motorcycle accident increase dramatically.

A distracted driver is anyone not paying full and careful attention to the task of driving. From talking on a cell phone to texting to trying to read a map a distracted driver has their attention on something other than driving. During the moments of shifting focus from the road and the traffic to some other task, a driver becomes a hazard to other motorists but this hazard is especially great for a motorcyclist.

Risk of Injury High for Springfield, MO Motorcycle Accidents
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly 80% of motorcycle accidents involve at least one fatality. Many times a motorcycle accident involves cuts, scrapes and bruises. The more serious injuries are broken legs and head injuries. Without a helmet the possibility of spinal injuries greatly increases, as does the chance of serious head injuries. And no matter what the physical injury, the emotional trauma suffered in a motorcycle accident can be quite severe. Add in the costs associated with motorcycle repair and a motorcycle accident can be debilitating.

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