MoDOT Motor Carrier Services is Proactive for Reducing Commercial Truck Accidents in Kansas City and Throughout Missouri

How commercial vehicles, such as trucks, semi-trucks, tractor trailers, Traffic_Cones_3562.JPGand so on, are regulated and monitored in Kansas City Missouri might be more than you ever wanted to know, but it really is an important factor to highway and Missouri roadway safety. Commercial trucks account for over 12 percent of registered vehicles. However, unlike most registered vehicles, big rigs and trucks are on the road the majority of the time and commercial truck accidents happen every day. That is where MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) comes in.

MoDOT has a department completely dedicated to commercial vehicle operations. MoDOT's Motor Carrier Services is responsible for interfacing with all commercial motor carriers who operate in the state. A commercial motor carrier is any business or person who provides transportation of property or people using a commercial vehicle. This includes passenger bus services, freight haulers, and delivery services.

Why Does MoDOT Motor Carrier Services Matter?
When it comes to commercial trucking and operating a commercial vehicle business there are a lot of rules, regulations, and licensing requirements, both on the state and the federal level. Many of these regulations are designed to improve safety and reduce truck accidents. MoDOT's Motor Carrier Services takes care of licensing, registration, inspections, permits, and collecting fees and related taxes.

As related to reducing truck accidents and promoting motor carrier safety, MoDOT Motor Carrier Services provides seminars and trainings designed to improve safety and reduce commercial vehicle accidents. They provide generalized training on safety regulations and also specialized seminars on topics such as hazardous materials and agricultural truck safety.

MoDOT Motor Carrier Services Earned Award
MoDOT Motor Carrier Services earned the 2010 Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity in Customer Service. Motor Carrier Services believes that the best way to make Missouri roads safer is to have a proactive and cooperative partnership with the motor carrier community. This proactive approach helps improve enforcement and regulation duties. And this in turn means more businesses comply with safety regulations, meaning less truck and tractor trailer accidents in Missouri.

MoDOT does what it can to improve highway safety. MoDOT Motor Carrier Services also has a very useful website with FAQ's, forms, and rules and regulations. They provide a one-stop location where motor carriers can get information, credentials, permits, and any other information they need to operate in Missouri, and to do so safely.

Truck Accidents in Missouri
In 2010 there were 105 people killed in fatal truck accidents in Missouri and 4,007 people were injured. These numbers are down significantly from 2005, when 214 people were killed and 5,728 were injured. It is due in large part to the efforts of the MoDOT Motor Carrier Services and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that truck accidents have declined. With continued efforts for raising awareness about safety inspections and regulation compliance and MoDOT's enforcement of these regulations the numbers can drop even more.

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