One Way to Avoid Car Accidents in Springfield, Missouri is to Pay Attention to Missouri State Highway Patrol Information

Unfortunately, when it comes to ways to reduce traffic accidents, it takes from a near miss to a tragedy to get most people's attention. If you drive in Springfield, Missouri, or anywhere for that matter, you can take a proactive approach to improve your chances of avoiding a car accident. If we are honest with ourselves, all of us could find ways to improve our driving and increase our safety.

How to Improve Driving Skills
One way to do this is to look for tips or safety reminders. A great recourse is the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP). MSHP's website is full of safety tips and information. Once a month, they post information on a topic regarding traffic or boating laws. This section is called "Featured Revised Missouri Statute of the Month." The purpose of this page is to inform and remind the driving (and boating) public about a new statute, an updated or revised one, or commonly asked questions about traffic laws.

MSHP's goal is to increase awareness in the hope of improving legal and safe driving thereby reducing traffic accidents and the associated injuries, property damage and death. The most recent post involves traffic lanes and a popular question for the MSHP.

"What lane do you drive in?"
The Springfield, Missouri car accident lawyers feel this is an important answer. Many traffic accidents occur because of improper lane use and improper passing. Missouri law is clear about traffic lanes. The first part of the law might seem obvious: when driving on a highway with one lane in each direction we drive in the right lane and stay in that lane.

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