Protecting your Rights in the Wake of a Missouri Work Accident

Our workers' compensation lawyers in Columbia have discussed many of the basics to filing a work injury claim in Missouri. As we launch our Missouri Workers' Compensation Lawyer Blog, it's also important to stress the need to protect your rights in the workplace while dealing with a work accident, injury or illness in Missouri.

The law prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee for filing a work injury claim, for hiring an attorney, or for taking other lawful steps to protect their rights in the wake of a work accident. As we discussed previously, what began as a simple no-fault benefits system, has been complicated by decades of court decisions. Still, employers and their insurers often seek to evade responsibility in paying many accident and injury claims. Consulting an attorneys is not mandated but is often in your best interest when dealing with a serious work accident.
A lawyer is almost always needed when your case has not reached settlement and is set for an evidentiary hearing -- the equivalent of a trial. Or when you are advised by the insurance company or an administrative law judge that you should seek legal representation.

It may be in your best interest to hire a Missouri workers' compensation lawyer when:

-The insurance company denies your case.

-Medical tests or procedures are denied or cancelled.

-The insurance company does not respond to inquiry.

-You are not receiving the medical care you need and deserve.

-You are not receiving weekly benefit checks.

-The insurance company alleges that drugs or alcohol were involved.

-You are confused or intimidated by the process.

-You are fired, demoted or harassed at work because of your injury.

-You believe you have suffered a permanent disability.

-Your employer did not have workers' compensation coverage at the time of the accident.

-Your medical bills are not being paid.

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