Missouri Mavericks Support "Arrive Alive" and the Kansas City Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety

stop_fasten.jpgReducing the number of car accidents in Kansas City, Missouri and in the region is an important cause for many organizations. If you watch the Missouri Maverick hockey games, you might have noticed the Arrive Alive logo on their boards. The message for hockey fans and all drivers is to Buckle Up, Drive Sober and Don't Text and Drive. The Mavericks are just one of the organizations who support the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and have participated in Arrive Alive community events.

The Kansas City Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety
The Kansas City Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is the region's Arrive Alive resource. It reaches out to the community with organized events and school partnership events to teach children and their parents about safe driving, particularly in the areas of seat belts, drunk driving, and texting/cell phone use. And organizations like the Mavs help by providing resources like Mac, the Mavericks' mascot, as well as venues for these events. Recently, Coach Hillman recorded a safety message about seat belt use, drunk driving, and teen driving statistics.

Seat Belt Mascots Help

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety has a couple of mascots of their own. Buckle Bear is a teddy bear and Buckle Buddy is a dragon. Both tour community events and schools to help kids learn the importance of wearing a seat belt and to instill a desire to wear their seat belts all of the time. Buckle Buddy has a story book, mazes, zipper pulls, note pads, songs, and pledge cards, along with other resources to help send his message in a fun way.

Mac joined Buckle Bear and Detective McGruff the crime dog in Lee's Summit for the Missouri Department of Transportation's (MoDOT) Big Truck Night. This annual event is designed to give children and parents an opportunity to tour construction trucks, see law enforcement vehicles and watch demonstrations by K-9, Bomb Squad and SWAT units. The Seat Belt Convincer and Barrel Betty were also around to help educate people about traffic and construction zone safety and the importance of wearing a seat belt.

Safety Coalition Partnerships
Other Kansas City Coalition partners include Destination Safe, a Mid-America Regional Council for improving transportation systems, and local businesses like the Kansas City Missouri car accident lawyers in Lee's Summit. All of the local law enforcement communities, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and local fire departments participate in events and help get safety messages out to the public. Local news agencies publish public safety announcements, press releases about events and latest coalition news, and send film crews to record and report on some of the events.

Everyone working together helps the Coalition to accomplish its primary goal: to make Missouri roads safer by making efforts to reduce the number of traffic accidents in and around Kansas City. You can help too by supporting local events, wearing Arrive Alive t-shirts, sending safety message post cards, and/or donating time or buying posters or activity books to donate to your local schools.

But the best way you can help is to take basic safety measures: wear your seat belt, only text in the car when you are a passenger, and don't get behind the wheel if you are intoxicated. Set a good example for your kids: drive buckled and safe.

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