Watch for bicyclists on Joplin roads this spring

shadow-of-the-past-1432188-m.jpgThe weather hasn't exactly been ideal for riding a bike in recent weeks, but thankfully, spring is just around the corner - which means Joplin drivers can expect to see more bicycles on local roads. Our Missouri car accident lawyers want to remind area motorists about the importance of sharing the road so that everyone can arrive safely at their destinations. In this post, we share some important tips for cyclists and drivers alike.

Safe cycling: Ten safety tips for bicyclists (and their parents)

1. Always wear a properly fitting helmet to reduce your risk of injury.

2. Check your bicycle's tires and brakes before riding.

3. See and be seen: wear bright colors and use reflectors.

4. Don't get distracted: keep your eyes (and your mind) on what the vehicles around you are doing.

5. Ride with the flow of traffic and obey all traffic laws.

6. Look out for hazards like potholes, gravel and puddles.

7. Be predicable: use signals to let drivers know what you're doing.

8. Always look twice before making a turn or crossing the street.

9. Pay attention to parked cars.

10. Use extra care - and lights and reflectors - when bicycling after dark.

Sharing the road with bicycles: Ten tips for Joplin drivers

1. Reduce your speed when traveling near bicyclists.

2. Give bicyclists the appropriate right-of-way. Treat them as you would another driver.

3. Allow bicyclists extra time to cross through intersections.

4. Don't honk at bicyclists except to prevent a crash.

5. Pass bicyclists with care: allow at least three feet of room between your vehicle and the cyclist.

6. Recognize obstacles that may be hazardous to cyclists, like potholes and drain grates.

7. Keep an eye out for bicyclists when opening car doors and passing through intersections.

8. Be extra cautious around young bicyclists: they can be unpredictable.

9. Check for cyclists before backing out of a driveway or parking spot.

10. Be courteous.

Do you have a young cyclist who needs a safety helmet? Our office provides low-cost safety helmets - and helmet fittings - for Joplin children. For more information about our safety helmet program, click here - or call our office today to schedule an appointment. Remember, ensuring that your child wears a properly-fitting helmet is the best way to prevent bicycle-related injuries.

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