Frequently Asked Questions About Kansas City Car Accidents Answered

1193476_dark_question_3.jpgThe Kansas City Missouri car accident lawyers regularly answer our clients' questions about car accidents and personal injury claims. We thought it would help to share some of these questions and our answers with you.

I have been injured in a car accident. Do I have a claim? What should I do?
The only way to determine whether or not you have a claim is to contact a car accident or personal injury lawyer whose experience is with car accidents, including motorcycle, pedestrian, truck, and bicycle accidents. Most personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation so they can learn the facts of your case and ask questions about your injuries and your particular situation. Not every car accident results in a personal injury claim. However, in the event of injury, you should call a lawyer as soon after the accident as possible: that way, if you have a case, your attorney can start working for you right away.

Do I have to meet with a lawyer in person to determine if I have a claim?
Each situation is different and many factors are involved. In some cases, we can determine whether or not you have a claim with a simple phone call and a brief intake interview. Also, many lawyers provide an e-mail request form on their website: you fill out the form, and the lawyers review your information. This practice allows them to decide whether or not they need you to come in for further questioning.

Why do I have to get a lawyer right away? What happens if I wait too long?
An accident case is built on the facts surrounding your accident and your injuries: the sooner you obtain counsel, the better. Quite often, a lawyer will use a professional accident investigator to gather evidence and establish the facts. This process needs to begin while the evidence is still available and while all the information surrounding the accident, such as witnesses, photographs, medical statements, etc. are easier to obtain. Also, there is a statute of limitations on injury claims, which means the case must be filed before a certain deadline. To build a case, your lawyer needs time to assemble the facts and evidence of the facts.

What if an insurance company has already paid for some of my medical bills? Can I still file a claim?
Once again, every case is different. This answer depends on what documents you have signed, and what you've told the insurance representatives about your accident and your resulting injuries. In some cases, you may still have a claim for additional medical bills, pain and suffering, or other compensable loses. In other cases, you may have signed away any future claims or additional compensation. That is why it is so important to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer before you sign any insurance paperwork. If you submitted your claim to your own insurance company, and the other party is ultimately proved at fault, that party will be responsible for your medical bills. Many insurance companies will pay your claim without assuming fault or liability so you can seek medical attention first and sort out the details later. Talk with your insurance company and with a lawyer to determine your best course of action. Do not make an agreement with the other party's insurance company without first consulting a lawyer.

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If you are injured in a car, motorcycle, tractor trailer, or other traffic accident, contact the Kansas City Missouri car accident lawyers. We offer a free consultation meeting to help you determine if you have a claim and to answer your questions about how to proceed.

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