Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers: Pedestrian Accidents a Common Danger

dreamstimefree_2677820.jpgEven though it happened on the opposite side of the State, this pedestrian accident could have easily happened in Kansas City, Missouri. Every busy city street tempts pedestrians to cross half-way and then wait in the middle of the road until the other direction of traffic is clear.

This pedestrian accident happened in St. Charles, Missouri on Friday morning September 30, 2011. A teenager was killed as he stood in the middle of the road waiting to cross the rest of the way across Veterans Memorial Parkway just west of Spring. He was hit by a box truck and pronounced dead at the scene. While the accident is under investigation it does not appear that any charges will be filed against the driver of the truck.

Pedestrians Killed When Crossing the Road
Pedestrians are killed all the time as they attempt to cross busy streets. The news is full of such pedestrian accidents. Crossing a street in the middle of the block is considered jay-walking, as is crossing the street only half-way. It is against the law because it is incredibly dangerous.

Most drivers are not looking for, nor do they expect to see, someone on foot in the middle of a block or standing in the middle of the street. And a driver is not generally prepared to slow down and stop in the middle of a block. They are usually driving full speed and are only looking for signal lights or other vehicles. Pedestrian's should cross using the crosswalk. This is where most drivers expect to see and will be more able to react to a pedestrian.

Missouri Pedestrian Laws

  • No pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway if the signal says "Don't Walk" or if the "Walk" signal has started to flash or when the signal says "Wait".

  • Pedestrians are prohibited from crossing between adjacent intersections at which traffic control signals are in operation.

  • Pedestrians shall not cross at any place except in a crosswalk on streets controlled with traffic control signals.

  • No pedestrian shall cross a roadway at any place other than a crosswalk in a business district.

  • Pedestrians must cross the road at a right angle to the curb or by the shortest route possible, no diagonally crossing or crossing diagonally through an intersection, unless authorized by official traffic control devices.

  • No pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle that is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield.

Some of these laws may seem overly restrictive but they have been enacted because a person, or many people, has died as a result of the situation described and outlined in the law. These laws are important to the community because they protect pedestrians and drivers from pedestrian accidents, which are often very tragic.

The Kansas City Missouri pedestrian accident lawyers urge you to cross the road safely and to help others to remember the laws surrounding pedestrian safety. Contact us for legal advice regarding a pedestrian accident or visit our web site for more information. Call 1-888-777-Auto (2886).

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