Perryville and Kennett Missouri Area Stunned and Saddened by Recent Baseball Fan Tragedy

If you have ever been in an accident, witnessed a car crash, or had a near miss you know how quickly an accident can occur. You also know how dangerous they are and how many accidents happen everywhere and in any setting of our lives. They often lead to catastrophic injury and death.776061_despair.jpg

Catastrophic injuries or death can happen anywhere in any setting and only take a split second to occur. And this is exactly what happened at a Texas Rangers game Thursday night on July 7. A fan slipped over the railing as he tried to catch a baseball. He fell about 20 feet and died from injuries he received from the fall as reported by Sporting News.

The accident lawyers in the Cape Girardeau MO office of Aaron Sachs & Associates offer condolences to the family and to everyone who witnessed this terrible accident. And offer support and condolences to anyone who has been affected by catastrophic accidents.

The sudden and freak nature of catastrophic accidents makes them very traumatic for all involved. It is particularly upsetting as these accidents often occur with little or no warning. As tragic as it is when someone dies in a car accident or industrial setting, it is not a shock. Unfortunately people die on Missouri roads and highways all the time. Car crashes are an expected part of life.

But when someone dies in an unforeseen or unpredictable tragedy, such as at the Texas Rangers game, the loss does not make sense. It reminds us that sometimes bad things happen to good people and that this cannot be predicted or expected. This type of death or catastrophic injury leaves people shaken, upset, unsure of life, and feeling very vulnerable. The worst part of this type of accident is that it shakes our very foundation of feeling safe and secure.

Basics on Coping and Getting Back to Normal:

  • Maintain a normal routine, as much as possible or as soon as possible after the event.

  • Get plenty of sleep and rest.

  • Make lists or set up planners to help you stay focused on your routine and your responsibilities.

  • Get some exercise and spend time outside.

  • Make a balanced diet with plenty of water a priority, stress depletes our bodies.

  • Do what comforts you, sustains or recharges you. However avoid binging on junk food or alcohol these will depress and deplete you even further.

  • Spend time with friends or anyone who supports you and reminds of the good things in life.

  • Remember to just take it one moment at a time until you feel recovered.


That is why it is important to look for signs of traumatic stress and to get help from professionals. Seek medical and legal help and advice. And look for support groups or professional grief counseling if you find yourself unable to get back to your normal course of life.

For more help and information about dealing with sudden loss from catastrophic injuries or death visit Journey of or ask your health professional for local support groups or agencies.

If you have legal questions regarding a catastrophic injury or death you can schedule an appointment with the Southeast Missouri Accident Lawyers.

It only takes a fraction of a second for an accident to occur. It is especially tragic when a death or catastrophic injury could have been prevented. Take precautions to avoid an accident and minimize the risks.

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