How Missouri Semi Truck Accidents are Different than Auto Accidents

MB900409760.JPGMissouri semi truck accident attorneys know that semi truck accidents have various factors making them completely different than your basic fender bender between two cars.

A very specific type of investigation is required in a semi truck accident. Big rigs such as semi trucks have a "black box," similar to the one on an airplane. It records all kinds of data which can be vital in proving your case.

If you have been injured in a Missouri semi truck accident, it is highly recommended to talk with a truck accident lawyer who has experience in these kinds of cases. Often big trucking companies are represented by aggressive lawyers and insurance companies. They are trained to save the company money, sometimes at the victim's expense.

Big trucking companies are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to carry a million of dollars in liability insurance, because the nature of their business is quite dangerous. Most Missouri citizens have no idea what a semi truck accident claim might be worth, and they are surprised to find that the stakes are so high--frequently in the hundreds of thousands of dollars--and sometimes in the millions.

When faced with the possibility of paying out millions of dollars, you can bet that trucking companies and their insurance carriers will take measures to protect themselves.

This is the case even if the truck driver was 100% at fault for the accident, and even if it inflicted serious injuries, wrongful death, or permanent disability on the victims. You may need a truck accident lawyer to help level the playing field.

Do You Always Need a Missouri Truck Accident Attorney after a Semi Truck Accident?

If you are one of the lucky few who survive a semi truck accident with minimal damage to your vehicle, and no injuries at all--then you probably don't need an attorney.

If there are injuries though, or if your car is totaled, we advise consulting with a Missouri truck accident law firm--one who has experience dealing with trucking companies. If the trucker's insurance company knows you have hired an experienced semi truck accident lawyer, they may be more motivated to settle, and avoid the costs of a trial.

Although most semi truck accident cases settle out of court, filing a lawsuit is usually the necessary first step to get the negotiation process going. If you have an injury claim, you need to show the trucking company that you mean business. Remember, any amount the trucking company or their insurance offers you at first may be low. This amount typically should not be accepted. It is merely the opening offer in the negotiation process--a process that Missouri truck accident attorneys are very familiar with. The art of negotiation is where your attorney earns his fee, along with the investigation they do to prove your claim.

The best way to find out the answers to all your questions, find out what your claim is worth, and whether or not you have a viable case is to have a FREE consultation with a Missouri truck accident lawyer.

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