Two School Bus Accidents Leave Jefferson City, Missouri Parents Wondering--Is it Safe to Send My Kids to School on the Bus?

The new school term has barely begun, and yet Jefferson City Missouri bus accident lawyers have already heard of two school bus accidents. In the first, a Jefferson City school bus was damaged in a rear-end accident, when a Jeep ran into it. This occurred around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, August 30. Fortunately, only two secondary school students were on board, and no one was injured.

144846_schoolbus.jpgIt is not clear what caused the Jeep to hit the bus s on its morning route from Callaway County to Jefferson City, Missouri. A second bus was sent out to pick up the two students, and finish the route. All the students managed to get to school on time, despite the accident.

The second bus accident was slightly more serious. On August 23rd, the 2006 International School bus, driven by Dennis Lutz of Jefferson City, attempted to cross US-63 at County Road 394. It was hit by an oncoming 1997 Jeep driven by Bryan J. Phillips of Russellville, Missouri.

Phillips and two passengers in his vehicle were injured by the crash. The men were transported to St. Mary's Hospital via ambulance. The passengers' names are John B. Bernskoetter (his injuries were described as moderate) and Samuel J Luebbering (his injuries were described as minor), both from Jefferson City. As with many Jefferson City car accidents, none of the men were using their safety belt.

Two Jefferson City bus accidents within the first few weeks of the new term is not an auspicious beginning to this school year. Many Columbia and Jefferson City parents are now wondering, "Just how safe are Missouri's school buses? Are my children really safe, or should I try to provide some other method of transportation?"

Many parents are still shuddering over the horrible multi-vehicle bus accident that happened last year, involving two school buses on their way to an amusement park. Fifty people were injured in that Missouri bus accident.

The yearly figures for school bus injuries are usually around 6,000, along with 20 school bus related deaths. Although these numbers are higher than any parent might wish to year, they are much less than the 78,000 injuries and 400 fatalities sustained by teens each year while commuting to and from school on their own.

In fact, studies have repeatedly shown that sending your kids to school on the bus is the safest method; by far safer than driving them yourself, or letting teens drive themselves. Considering the 24 million students who are transported yearly by school buses, school bus injuries and deaths are quite uncommon. The death rate for auto accidents is actually eight times higher than for bus accidents.

Tips for passenger safety on the school bus:
• Stay seated the entire time--no jumping around, running up and down the aisle, or throwing things.
• Sit properly in the seat, facing forward--no turning around and leaning over the seat behind
• Any behavior that causes bus driver distraction, including fighting with another student, is dangerous.
• Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus
• Don't throw things inside the bus or out the windows
• Cooperate with the driver; always follow his or her instructions

Jefferson City bus accident attorneys know that your children are precious. We hope that they always arrive safe and sound whenever they ride the bus. If an accident or injury does occur, you might need legal assistance with your bus accident claim. Feel free to call us for a free consultation about your case, 24/7.

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