Safety Tips to Help Southeast Missouri Avoid Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Halloween night has been known to have an increased number pedestrian accidents. Everyone is rushing around to have fun and collect goodies and get to the party and they can forget to pay attention to normal traffic safety rules. In order to keep everyone safer in southeast Missouri, here are some safety tips for the big night.


  • Be on the lookout on Halloween night. There will be spooks, space adventurers, super heroes, robots, witches, and more on foot and riding bicycles in areas where you may not normally see anybody.

  • Remember these little creatures will be excited and preoccupied. Many are trying to get to as many houses as they can before they have to turn back into children and head home. They may forget to stop, listen, and look both ways before they cross the street.

  • Be particularly alert along the side of the street and around parked cars. Trick-or-treaters have been known to suddenly dart into traffic from between parked cars or travel in large bunches spilling over into a traffic lane.

  • Watch for small ghosts, vampires, pirates, or Disney characters walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood.

  • Allow extra time if you are traveling on Halloween night, expect surprises and drive slower in preparation. Give the ghouls and monsters extra time to cross the street and look for more running to catch their friends.

  • Be aware that costumes may hamper their ability to see and hear you and to get out of the way quickly.

Parents and Caregivers

  • If costumes are not brightly colored, place reflective tape on areas of the costume that will help make a creature of the night easier to be seen by drivers.

  • Decorate candy bags and carriers with reflective tape for additional visual help in a car's headlights.

  • Costumes should allow ease of movement and not hamper breathing or vision. Enlarge eye holes or use make-up instead.

  • Make sure your kids are dressed appropriately for the weather and have sturdy shoes.

  • Tie any hats or other costume pieces so they will not slip down over your little character's face or around their neck.

  • Everybody should have a flashlight or glow stick and a whistle and at least one cell phone.

  • Make sure all your spooks remember the rules about strangers, crossing the street, and bringing candy home to be checked first.

  • At least one adult should follow or help these Halloween creatures of the night as they gather goodies.


  • Try not to run and always stop and listen and look for cars before you cross the street. Use crosswalks whenever possible or cross at the corner.

  • Look "left-right-left-again" for cars before stepping into the street.

  • Stay together and stay with an adult.

  • Make sure your costume fits and won't trip you as you venture into Halloween night.

  • Only wear masks or hats that you can hear and see out of.

  • Only use accessories that are dull and soft so you don't stab yourself or your friends.

  • Never get into a stranger's car. And don't go into someone's house unless you are accompanied by an adult.

  • Don't eat any treat that has been opened or is unwrapped or homemade, unless you know the giver.

For Fun Halloween Ideas, Events and Parties
Where ever you are in southeast Missouri there are tons of fun activities to make your Halloween special. To find one near you check out community or city pages, your local news websites, the library or just search for your city plus Halloween on the internet. The Southeast Missourian is a good resource.

For information about what to if you or a loved one are involved in a pedestrian accident visit the southeast Missouri pedestrian accident lawyers' website.

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