NTSB Safety Compass Promoted in Sikeston and in Missouri

Sikeston Missouri car accident lawyers understand the importance of safety campaigns when it comes to reducing the number of injuries and deaths that result from car accidents. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) believe that it is possible to eliminate all deaths on our highways. The Missouri Department of Transportation and thousands of other safety advocates, including the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), all work tirelessly towards this goal.

Last week in Cincinnati, Ohio more than 450 people gathered for the GHSA's annual meeting. The group included medical professionals, law enforcement personnel, and state and local officials. The purpose of this year's meeting was to focus on ways to reduce the nearly 34,000 deaths from traffic accidents that occur on our highways every year.

Main Topics at GHSA Annual Meeting

  • Motorcycle safety

  • Teen driving

  • Occupant protection

  • Aging drivers

  • Drunk driving

But the biggest topic for discussion was distracted driving and the idea that we all need to change our approach when we get behind the wheel. Too many built in distractions take our focus from driving and divert it to cell phones, GPS devices, and other functions that are built into our cars, buses, and trucks. Driving should not be about all of the gadgets now available in and for our cars. It should be about driving safely and proactively avoiding car accidents.

Safety Compass to Zero
Compass Zero is a safety goal. It is all about reaching the goal of zero traffic deaths on our highways. And it is the hope of the NTSB that with partnerships with groups such as the GHSA and the NHTSA this goal can be accomplished.

Zero traffic deaths is an incredibly large task to undertake. There were 821 deaths in Missouri last year alone. And it will take the continued work of all of the committed people involved in the highway community. But it will really be up to everyone who drives to decide to put aside the distractions and focus on driving. Changing our driving culture starts with each individual. For parents it is about demonstrating and teaching safe driving. For teenagers it is about remembering that driving is not a social activity. For each of us it is about remembering the awesome responsibility that goes with getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that can become a dangerous machine capable of creating great physical harm and death.

For more about traffic safety visit the NTSB's web site. They also have a Most Wanted List. This list is about all of the NTSB's highest priorities for transportation safety. Human fatigue, teen driver safety, motorcycle safety, addressing alcohol-impaired driving, and bus occupant safety all are currently on the list for highway and road safety.

Compass Zero in Southeast Missouri
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