Texting and Driving Mock Car Accident in Ash Grove, Missouri Provides Realistic Experience for Scoffers

Ash Grove Missouri car accident lawyers know that quite often warnings are just empty words with no real meaning. 145311_accidents_5.jpgThe warning that "texting and driving causes car accidents" seems to be one of those phrases that a lot of people can ignore, especially teenagers. It might be for the reason that most of us take more than just words to get a message across. And in Ash Grove, Missouri on October 25, 2011, at the Ash Grove High School, the students were given the texting and driving message in a visual aid setting in order to provide a very powerful "reality" about the dangers of texting and driving.

Mock Accident at Ash Grove High School

Imagine walking up to a scene of blood, an amputated arm, twisted metal, and bloodied people lying around what used to be a car. Then realize that those people are your friends.

The mock car accident scene uses all of these components to totally immerse the students, and anyone else who is watching, into the reality of the dangers of texting and driving. With make-up, fake skin, fake blood and a wrecked car the scene looks pretty real. It is made even more so when a kid with an "amputated arm" is air-lifted from the scene by a real Lifeline helicopter. These mock scenes are so real looking and seeming that some students have even fainted.

Very Real Consequences
Pam Holt, St John's Regional Health Center's Injury Prevention Coordinator, participated in the event. St John's provided the support and props. Ms. Holt helped create the "amputated arm" with a Dixie cup, fake blood and creepy skin. The purpose of the "amputated arm" is to show that death is not the only consequence to car accidents. If this student had really experienced this car accident his life would be changed forever, not only from this life-long and debilitating injury, but from medical bills to insurance bills to a major change in his life-style and that of his family's.

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