Whiplash Caused by Joplin Car Accidents Takes Huge Financial Toll According to Attorney Aaron Sachs

Whiplash is a "non" medical term referring to an injury resulting from certain types of auto accidents, specifically rear end collisions. Although a few people may believe whiplash is faked so that people can make a false claim against insurance companies, Joplin car accident attorney, Aaron Sachs sees many genuine cases of whiplash. Indeed, it is a painful and debilitating personal injury that can last for weeks or even months.

If you have been in a Joplin car crash, you might not notice any symptoms of whiplash at first. For this reason, Joplin car accident lawyers advise people to never agree to sum of cash from the driver that hit you, because he or she wants to keep it out of the hands of insurance companies.

Joplin personal injury attorneys know that it sometimes takes 24 hours or longer for these auto accident consequences to show up. Symptoms include severe neck pain, as well as headaches, dizziness and pain or numbness in the shoulders, neck and hands. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke can give you more information about the symptoms of auto accident related whiplash.

Nationwide, whiplash takes a 30 billion dollar toll each year. According to the non-profit organization Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, neck injuries currently cost at least $7 billion per year in insurance claims. This figure takes into consideration medical expenses, Social Security disability payments, and legal fees. If you have been in a Joplin or Neosho car accident and develop severe neck pain (or any other type of pain) you will probably require both a competent doctor and an qualified Joplin car accident lawyer.

We've all seen car wreck victims walking around with those bulky white neck braces--that was the old treatment for whiplash. If you live in Joplin, Neosho, Carthage or Webb City Missouri and get whiplash due to an auto or truck accident, the good news is there is a more modern and effective treatment favored by medical practitioners which includes icing the injury and gentle motion exercises.

Here at Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C., our experienced personal injury lawyers advise you to not take any chances with your health, and see a medical practitioner immediately following a Joplin car crash, at the first sign of pain, dizziness, weakness or trauma. We are available to assist you in the legal aspects of your car crash with a free consultation at our Joplin offices. Attorney meetings are by appointment only. Please contact us for more information at 1-888-777-Auto (2886).

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