Missouri Personal Injury Cases May Receive Large Settlement Awards Via Alternative Dispute Resolution

983698_ankle_x-ray.jpgAlthough only a small percentage of Missouri personal injury cases go to trial, an experienced Springfield personal injury lawyer is still a huge asset when negotiating a settlement. The initial offer that an insurance company will make is guaranteed to be very low. An injured victim may be tempted to take any offer, just to get it over with and get some money to pay their bills, but this can be a mistake. It is important to wait at least until the seriousness of the injuries and the total amount of medical expenses can be ascertained.

Frequently an injury will not heal as expected, requiring further expensive treatment, therapy, or even more surgeries. If the victim has already settled the claim, they can be left holding the bag for high medical costs.

Whether your Missouri personal injury case is settled via direct negotiation with the insurance company, alternative dispute resolution via an outside mediator, or goes to trial, the services of an experienced attorney who knows your rights and what your claim is truly worth are always to your advantage.

Consider the case of a Perry County woman who was injured in an accident with a tractor trailer.

The collision occurred in August of '08 when Tracy Rauls was driving on U.S. 61. A tractor-trailer driven by Travis Michael Obritsch turned left from the highway and hit her vehicle. As a result of this crash, Rauls suffered significant, disabling and permanent injuries. The main one was a severe ankle injury that did not respond to treatment and eventually required multiple surgeries.

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