Investigation into Fatal Auto-Pedestrian Accident in Mobile, Alabama Will be Followed Closely

Springfield Missouri car accident lawyers are 506099_caution_tape.jpgfollowing the investigation into a tragic pedestrian accident in Mobile, Alabama. A fatal pedestrian accident is always tragic but it is also cause for concern. The lawyers are following the investigation to see who was at fault and to see what kind of compensation and remediation will follow.

A couple vacationing from Overland Park, Kansas were staying in Mobile, Alabama on their way to Florida when tragedy struck. At about 10:30 p.m. Friday night July 29 the couple was crossing the road near the hotel where they were staying. A Mobile police officer was responding to a call. The police officer passed an intersection and then struck the couple in the middle of the roadway. After this auto pedestrian accident the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. The woman was seriously injured and is still recovering.

While the couple tried to cross the street in the middle of the block instead of at the crosswalk, at issue is whether the office could have avoided this pedestrian accident. A Mobile police spokesperson describes the officer's driving at the time as "quick pursuit" yet lights and sirens were not activated.

Springfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Ask Questions
The questions become:

  • Was the officer driving over the posted speed limit?

  • If the officer was in pursuit why weren't any of the vehicle's emergency warning devices activated (such as lights and sirens)?

  • Were there other factors involved, such as faulty street lighting or a problem with the police cruiser?

  • What are the police department policies for call responses?

  • What type of driver training do the officers receive from the department?

  • How are the department's training, personnel, and investigation records kept?

  • Was the officer following department protocols?

  • Was the officer current on certifications, including driver training?

  • What is the history of the officer and the department, in regards to accidents and driver safety?

  • Are proper local, state, and federal regulations being followed in the investigation?


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