Roadway Defects & Their Impact on Missouri Car Accidents

1200286_Blank.road_sign.jpgWe all rely on state and local governments to keep our roadways safe. Unfortunately, for various reasons, defective roadway conditions still cause serious car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, making it necessary to file Missouri defective roadway claims.

How defective roadway conditions cause accidents: A hypothetical example

Michael and Paige were driving home from visiting friends when an extremely strong storm blew in. The wind was so strong that the rain was blowing horizontally: it was everything Michael could do to keep the car on the road. Other drivers on the crowded highway did the same. There was nowhere to pull off to get to safety.

Suddenly, 6 orange construction barrels were blown across the highway. Cars came skidding to a halt or swerved to miss the barrels. A truck behind Michael and Paige was unable to stop in time and plowed into the back of their car.

Michael and Paige sustained serious injuries. Michael was unable to work for 18 months and required multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. Paige suffered from post-traumatic stress and complications from her pre-existing Addison's disease. Their 528i BMW was totaled.

What type of Missouri roadway defects cause accidents?

The following Missouri roadway defects may be the main cause or a contributing factor in a serious car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

• Lack of appropriate signs regarding construction zones, speed-limit changes, merging traffic, or weather conditions.

• Lack of appropriate safety barriers such as guardrails.

• Unsafe shoulder drop-off.

• Construction debris on roadway or shoulder.

• Inadequate roadway maintenance.

• Dangerously designed roadway intersections.

• Improper Missouri roadway construction.

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