What Happens During an Initial Consultation with a Missouri Personal Injury Attorney?

1065245_handshake.jpgIf you have been injured in a Missouri accident, and you want to file a claim for damages, the first step is typically an initial consultation with a qualified Missouri personal injury law firm. This meeting gives you a chance to discuss your case with an attorney, and decide if the firm is the right one to represent you.

However, the point of the initial consultation is not just to discuss your case: it's also an opportunity for you and the attorney to get to know each other. It's important to use this time to learn about the legal process you are embarking on, and get to the all the information you need about that process.

Every case is different. Bear in mind, without having the complete details of your case, it will be difficult for any attorney to give you a sense of what your claim will entail. It's a good idea to bring any medical records, physician's diagnosis, police reports from the accident, or any other pertinent documentation with you to this consultation.

This meeting is designed to help you make several informed decisions, including whether or not you actually have a case worth pursuing. If you've never retained an attorney before, or if you've never filed a claim for damages, it is likely you will have have many questions.

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