Motorists Urged to Use Caution around Large Vehicles to Avoid Fatal Trucking Accidents in Missouri

62565_white_semi-truck.jpgStatistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal the dangers that large trucks pose to Missouri motorists: in 2009, there were nearly 3,500 fatal truck accidents nationwide. An additional 74,000 injuries were also reported. In these types of accidents, Injuries are typically very serious.

Our Missouri personal injury attorneys urge drivers to practice safe and cautious driving habits, especially when sharing the roads with large vehicles.The large size of tractor-trailers make them a deadly threat to motorists in the event of a crash.

Fatalities from these accidents decreased by 20% from 2008 to 2009. Roughly 75% of the 2009 fatalities were drivers or occupants of passenger vehicles. 15% were drivers or occupants of large trucks, and 10% were non-occupants. As you can see, the vast majority of victims are passengers of other vehicles, or are bicyclists or pedestrians. The 2009 data shows 74,000 people suffered injuries in these accidents involving large trucks. This statistic illustrates an 18% drop from 2008: 90,000 injuries were sustained in trucking accidents throughout that year.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) offers passenger-vehicle motorists several tips to help them travel more safely around large trucks.

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