Know Your Rights if Springfield Missouri Workers' Compensation Refuses to Pay for Surgery

Many people assume that the only time a Springfield Missouri workers' comp case runs into difficulties is if the employer denies the claim. However, there are many times when injured Springfield employees are already receiving their workers' compensation checks, and proceeding with their medical treatment, and suddenly the case runs into difficulties.

1232546_orthopedic_leg_brace.jpgHere's a possible example: A treating physician diagnoses a work related injury, and decides upon a course of treatment to heal that injury. He might prescribe rest, immobilization in a brace, sling or cast, medication or even physical therapy. The worker is receiving weekly checks and complying with the doctor's treatment regimen--but the injury is not healing, or is getting worse.

Finally, it is recommended that the worker have surgery. This may be the recommendation of the original treating physician, or another physician seen by the worker because his injuries are simply not healing. It is at this point that a workers' compensation case runs into trouble with the employer's insurance carrier--who denies the surgery. They are hoping that the injured worker will accept their denial, and not take the case any further. They are hoping that the injured worker does not know his rights.

Looking at a popular online workers' compensation forum, we spotted at least six different injured workers asking for advice because their surgeries were being denied. If something like this occurs to you, instead of asking for opinions from others online, you should probably start thinking about hiring an attorney to protect your rights.

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