Columbia, Missouri Motorcyclists Take to the Roads--Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise

As the weather warms up Columbia, Missouri motorcyclists are excitedly getting their bikes out of the garage and taking to the roads in celebration. This puts them in much more danger than over the winter when they used their cars or trucks. Motorcycle accidents seem to be an inevitable result of warmer weather.

Missouri's current motorcycle helmet law has already been repealed in the Missouri Senate, and is awaiting a hearing in the House. If the new law passes, only those under 21 would be legally required to wear a helmet. Previously Governor Nixon has vetoed any attempts to do away with the helmet law. As Columbia personal injury attorneys, we are all too aware of the dangers of riding without a helmet, and we urge the Missouri Legislature to keep the helmet law in place for the safety of our loved ones!

Causes of Columbia Motorcycle Accidents

Education about motorcycle safety for both car and truck drivers and motorcycle riders is imperative if we are to work together and avoid Columbia motorcycle accidents and injuries.

According to the Hurt Study, the most comprehensive study of motorcycle accidents to date...
"The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominating cause of motorcycle accidents."

Safety Tips for Sharing the Roads with Motorcyclists and Deterring Columbia Motorcycle Accidents:

• Motorcycles are harder to spot than cars, and look farther away than they really are. Compensate by actively watching for motorcycles near your vehicle.
• Instead of braking, motorcyclists frequently either downshift or let up on the gas, so there is not brake light to warn you. Keep a safe distance and don't tailgate them.
• Never share a lane with a motorcycle, this inevitably leads to traffic accidents.
• Understand that motorcyclists are much more vulnerable, with or without a helmet, than you are in your steel vehicle, so afford them extra consideration. You are not looking at a motorcycle; you are looking at another human being!

Wouldn't it be a fantastic spring if we all watched out for each other on the roads and eliminated Columbia, Jefferson City, Boonville, Mexico and all other Boone County motorcycle accidents?! That would be something to celebrate indeed!

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