Common Causes of Single Vehicle Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them in and Around Joplin, Missouri

You read or hear about single car 1093472_wrecked.jpgaccidents in Joplin, Missouri and the surrounding areas on the news all the time. Have you ever wondered what causes them and why many of them are so serious and even fatal? Here we provide some of the common causes of single car accidents and ways to avoid them. Whether you are driving in Joplin or anywhere in southern Missouri, there is always a risk of getting into a car accident, even if there is no one else on the road.

Most Common Reasons for Single Car Accidents

  • Falling asleep behind the wheel

  • Drunk driving

  • Driving too fast for conditions

  • Driving too fast at night

  • Driving too fast for the road

  • Distracted Driving

  • Over-correcting after a close call

The most common denominator of all car accidents is driver inattention. Inattentiveness comes in many forms. Perhaps you are driving when you are too fatigued to remain alert, or paying more attention to a cell phone or to dinner than to driving safely. And when it comes to single car accidents, distraction is most often the culprit, followed by driving while intoxicated.

Speeding reduces your reaction time and limits your ability to plan for ways to avoid a hazard. If it is dark; or the road is in disrepair; or you are driving on a road with curves, hills or sharp embankments and traveling faster than the posted speed limit, or the recommended limit for curves; be aware that these factors greatly increase the chances that you will lose control of your vehicle and get into a single car accident.

Over-correcting is often the cause of single car accidents involving hitting a tree, light pole, or other object. Over-reacting also leads to roll-overs and accidents involving skidding or spinning out of control.

Many of us take our driving abilities for granted and start driving on auto pilot. We drive so much and travel so many miles without mishap that we forget the dangers. If you are distracted, or driving faster than the road, traffic, time of day or weather conditions warrant, then your reactions are delayed. First, the required action or approaching danger has to get your attention; then, you have to react. This leads to over-correcting or taking the wrong action, because the driver is startled and un-prepared.

How to Avoid a Single Car Accident in Joplin and in Missouri

  • First and foremost, remind yourself to pay attention to your driving, the road, and surrounding traffic.

  • Slow down, especially at night and on unfamiliar roads.

  • Put away your distractions. Hang up your cell phone, turn down or turn off your radio, keep conversations to a minimum, and don't eat in the car.

  • Watch the road and adjust your speed.

  • If you are sleepy or impaired from alcohol or prescription drugs, ask someone else to drive or call a cab.

  • Take a defensive driving course or refresher on Missouri traffic laws and the drivers guide.

If you assume that a car accident can happen, you will be more prepared to avoid one. Remind yourself of the possible dangers. Be on the alert while you are driving, and you will greatly reduce your chances of ending up in a single car accident.

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