Springfield Missouri Motorcycle Accident has Fatal Consequences

Springfield Mo. motorcycle accident lawyers talk about a recent fatal motorcycle accident and general thoughts regarding motorcycle accidents and the legal consequences.photo_11052_20090517.jpg

Wednesday August 17 a motorcyclist from Indiana was forced off the road while he was driving on Missouri 465 in Taney County. The car crash occurred around 5 p.m. about three miles northwest of Branson. The motorcyclist was forced off the road and ran into an embankment when the other vehicle changed lanes. The offending vehicle fled the scene. Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident and still looking for the other vehicle.

The way to determine if there is cause for a wrongful death or personal injury suit is to investigate the facts and determine all the circumstances involved in and leading up to the motorcycle accident.

General Overview By a Springfield Missouri Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Without reference to the recent motorcycle accident, here are a few tips and thoughts in general. Often it is important to have an investigator obtain and follow up on the police report. Statements from other witnesses, skid marks, damage to motorcycle and nature of injuries are all factors that sometimes are important in piecing together the puzzle of how the accident happened.

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