Sharing the Road with Self-Driving Cars

Think You Aren’t Sharing the Road with Self-Driving Cars? Think Again.

A few years ago, self-driving cars were essentially science fiction. Today, they’re a real thing… and they’re already on the roads.

In fact, you might not realize just how here-and-now they really are. These fast facts will give you a sense of where driverless cars currently stand.

1. They Take Cross-Country Road Trips… On Their Own.

Maybe, just maybe, a car will drive itself across the country one day. No, wait — that already happened. Believe it or not, an Audi SUV drove itself from New York to San Francisco in 2015, logging 3,4000 miles along the way.

2. You Can Buy One.

As of 2017, driverless cars are now entering the commercial market. That means drivers like you can go out and buy one.

In fact, hundreds (if not thousands) of self-driving cars are expected to fall into consumer hands around the world this year, though many places have strict rules about where they can operate — at least for now.

3. The Government’s On Their Side.

The previous U.S. presidential administration authorized some $4 billion in federal funding for driverless car technology testing. The government’s hope is that, as these technologies improve, collisions and traffic fatalities will ultimately decline. Of course, that’s still a subject for debate.

4. Snow’s a Problem.

Last year, internal testing at Volvo revealed that snowflakes can completely incapacitate driverless cars’ sensors. Given that snow falls with some regularity in a significant portion of the country, that’s a big problem. Still, automakers think they have a solution in sight.

5. There’s Already Been a Fatality.

Since their inception, driverless cars have caused a series of auto accidents, though they were rarely serious. Last year, however, several significant crashes — including one that caused a human fatality — sent shivers down the public’s spines.

We Aren’t There Yet

New technologies are always imperfect. Driverless car technology will undoubtedly improve. For now, though, big question marks remain.

You probably aren’t sharing the lane with a whole line of self-driving cars quite yet, but don’t underestimate how close we could be to that new reality.

As Springfield car accident lawyers, we want to see our entire community get safer on the roads. We’re hopeful that these new vehicles will ultimately achieve that goal. Until then, let’s all keep a cautious eye on the roads.
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