Protection and Prevention: Common Car Accident Injuries in Republic, Missouri and Elsewhere

photo_5961_20080516.jpgRepublic, Missouri car accident lawyers work with many people who have suffered injuries from car accidents. We want you to be aware of the most common injuries and share some ways to minimize or avoid these injuries all together. Of course, the type and severity of any car accident injury is dependent on the type of car accident, where the impact occurs on the vehicle, and how fast the vehicle is traveling at the time of impact, along with other factors. But most car accidents lead to the following types of injuries, in varying degrees of severity and combinations.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Republic, Missouri and Nationwide
*Face and head injuries
*Neck injuries
*Shoulder and arm injuries
*Knee, ankle, or leg injuries
*Back injuries
*Brain injuries

The majority of car accidents result in minor to moderate damage to the car. These types of accidents can lead to cuts, abrasions, bruises and sprains to the hands, face, neck, arms, knees, ankles, legs and sometimes the back--provided the occupants are wearing seat belts and the vehicle is equipped with airbags. In fact, with proper seat-belt use, many minor collisions don't cause injuries at all.

However, some minor collisions can cause "soft tissue" injuries, meaning damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These tissues can be stretched by the force of impact, sometimes producing minor tears that lead to sprains, bruises, stiffness and soreness. A seat belt may also cause bruising and soreness, and airbags can cause cuts and abrasions. (However, it's always worth remembering that accident injuries are consistently much more severe when these safety devices are not employed.) Other injuries can also occur because of loose objects in the vehicle that fly into you during the collision.

More significant impact (or car accidents in which the occupants did not utilize seat belts) can result in bone fractures, dislocations, serious lacerations, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and internal organ damage.

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