Considering Pursuing a Personal Injury Case in Springfield Missouri? Personal Injury Myths Debunked--Part Two

In Springfield personal injury lawyers' last post, we addressed personal injury myths that could keep an injured victim from seeking the compensation they deserve. In this post, Springfield personal injury lawyers will discuss myths pertaining to hiring a lawyer and the process of personal injury claims.

1. If You Hire a Lawyer, You are Guaranteed to Receive a Big Settlement

475965_ambulance.jpgIt is not a given that everyone who files a personal injury claim will win their case, with or without a lawyer. Having a lawyer represent you can result finding out your rights and navigating you through the complexities of the law and courts. But, there are never any guarantees. If the case does go to trial, juries are notoriously unpredictable.

2. To Win Just Compensation You Must Have a Jury Trial

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court, via negotiation or arbitration. Only about 5% wind up in front of a jury. This is both cost effective and time effective, allowing cases to be settled quicker and you to get the money you need quicker as well. However, if you can't resolve the claim, taking your case to court is always an option. Every case is different and unique.

3. Personal Injury Cases Take Years to Settle; It's Better to Simply Accept Whatever the Insurance Company Offers

The time frame to make a demand and begin negotiation is often a function of the nature of your injuries and recovery. For example, most doctors will not give an opinion on the long term impact of your injuries until you have reached maximum medical improvement. At that point, you are typically released from care.

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