How Much is My Springfield Missouri Auto Accident Claim Worth?--Understanding the Settlement Formula

Springfield Missouri car accident victims sometimes believe that Insurance companies use something called "the BASE formula" when determining the amount of money they will offer to a claimant in a Springfield auto accident case. This is a mathematical formula which takes into consideration the total net worth of damage from a car crash, including both damage to the vehicle, and damage to the occupants or pedestrians involved.

1158796_business_target_3.jpgIf there is only property damage involved, the settlement formula is fairly simple. It gets much more involved with a personal injury claim. Fault plays a role, as does both physical injuries, and pain and suffering. How much are they worth? The base formula attempts to put a monetary value to "pain and suffering."

For this reason, it's important to have a Springfield Personal Injury Attorney handle your claim. They know that figuring the value of a case is sometimes more complicated than a function of your medical bills.

In a personal injury case, the claimant should always document their injuries, diagnoses, medical treatment, as well as pain and suffering emotional trauma, and of course, lost wages. This will help your attorney come up with the appropriate amount of damages.

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