What Is the Value of My Case?

What is the Value of My Personal Injury Case?

No two personal injury or wrongful death cases are alike. To which types of compensation could you be entitled? How much is your case worth? These are questions that can only be answered when you speak specifically with a knowledgeable and experienced Springfield personal injury attorney about your particular situation. At Aaron Sachs & Associates, P.C., we provide complimentary legal consultations for injury victims.

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Various factors come into play in each accident scenario, including the amount of medical expenses involved, time missed from work, any out of pocket expenses, and extent of disability or disfigurement. Other factors, such as physical suffering and mental anguish, cannot be measured mathematically. There is no set formula, but a lawyer can help you examine all the factors involved and provide a professional evaluation of what your case could be worth.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases may result in compensation for various losses and damages, including, although not limited to:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Permanent disfigurement / disability
  • Missed wages
  • Loss of ability to earn a living
  • Associated expenses such as hiring a housekeeper to handle chores or other household matters
  • Loss of consortium
  • Funeral / burial expenses
  • Mental anguish

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