I Could Sleep at Night Again.

  • Lisa's Testimonial I had seen Aaron Sachs, I went in for a consultation and told him about the accident, and they got me a settlement that was very satisfactory for me. Lisa
  • I am Really Happy They settled my case, and I'm really happy.
  • John's Testimonial The insurance company had a lawyer, and I didn't want to go to a lawyer fight without a lawyer. Aaron Sachs was there through the whole time with me. John
  • Victoria's Testimonial Working with Aaron Sachs and Associates - right away, they jumped on it and said 'You let me take care of this,' and I could sleep at night again. Victoria
  • Lisa's Testimonial I didn't know really what I was supposed to do. At that point, I called Aaron Sachs and Associates because I thought they could help me. Lisa
  • Elsie's Testimonial They gave me a big - much more of a peace of mind. Elsie
  • Aaron man of Faith I had seen Aaron Sachs, knew that he was a man of faith, a good church man, and being a missionary and a preacher, that really drew me to him. Aaron
  • Trust Aaron I just remember like, jerking my wheel, and then I blacked out as unconscious. And I just remember asking about my daughter like every five minutes, because she was only 13 months old and you know, my family lives abroad and my husband was deployed in Iraq.
  • Took Care of Me I thought, Aaron Sachs, I'm gonna go try them, see if they can help me.
  • Just Tremendous Just if you ever have an accident and feel like the world's against you, Aaron Sachs's team is the people to talk to.
  • I Called Aaron When I hired Aaron Sachs, I told him "I'm going to place this case in your hands, and I'm not going to worry about it anymore."
  • Alice People still talk to me about my accident because even though it’s been not quite a year and a half ago, it’s still fresh on my mind . Alice
  • Evelyn I had blunt trauma to the head, blunt trauma to the chest. Both of my legs were crushed. My son called Aaron after the accident. I couldn’t have been treated by anybody any nicer than Aaron Sachs. I would have been totally lost I think if I would have had to take that chore on myself . Evelyn
  • Jennifer I was in a car accident. I knew right away that I had broken my neck. When I came out of the medically induced coma, I knew that I needed to contact Aaron Sachs . Aaron Sachs
  • Kenneth Aaron Sachs and his people flat took care of business. The experience I had with Aaron Sachs and his firm, it can’t be put into words . Kenneth
  • Craig "If I hadn't contacted Aaron, I don't believe I would have gotten my disability. They lifted the weight off my shoulders." Craig

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